13 February 2023

Best carpet for children’s bedroom

Cormar Primo Plus Alloy Grey, children's bedroom

Cormar Primo Plus Alloy Grey

With all the best intentions, when it comes to our little ones and home décor, no surface is safe!  Crumbs on the sofa, toys on the floor… the battle to keep your house clean and tidy but allow your children to play can be exhausting! Choosing exciting yet practical home décor can be a tricky balance. Luckily there are plenty of affordable and practical options when it comes to choosing a new carpet for your children’s bedroom.


Keeping our carpet’s clean can be a tiring task most of the time and with a children’s bedroom, even more so. Having a carpet that cleans easily is a must. There are a lot of carpets on the market that are advertised as bleach cleanable. While this may seem appealing for those hard to shift stains; let’s face it, most of us don’t want to use bleach around our little ones on a regular basis. These types of carpet are typically made from a fibre called Polypropylene.

It is solution dyed (the colour is built into the fibre) meaning the dying process makes the colour an inherent part of the fibre. The colour of the carpet will not fade when exposed to intense sunlight or other harsh chemicals or elements. It is naturally stain resistant and affordable making it the perfect option for your children’s bedroom.

Cormar Apollo Elite Skyline Steel children's bedroom

Cormar Apollo Elite Skyline Steel


The length of fibre, the colour, the material; there are many things to consider when choosing the best carpet for your children’s bedroom. If you are wanting a carpet that will keep it’s appearance, the length of the carpet is worth thinking about. As a general rule of thumb; the longer the fibres the quicker it will appear to flatten. A long fibre carpet will typically feel softer and more luxurious but can very quickly loose it’s appearance and look tired. The shorter and denser the carpet the longer it will look like new.


A carpet that has two coloured fibres (flecked), is a great style of carpet to choose in a busy home. It’s flecked appearance can help to disguise everyday wear and tear. It’s also very handy the hide the crumbs, that have been sprinkled everywhere, after you have just vacuumed up!

Although a lighter colour carpet may look fresh and clean, a slightly darker colour may be a better option. A light colour carpet is more likely to show up every dirty hand print. We’re not suggesting you have to chose a black carpet but a moderate colour will be easier to maintain.

There are hundreds of flooring manufacturers, suppliers and installers, so it can be hard to know where to turn.

At Beyond Flooring, our mission is to enhance your home or business with expertly fitted carpets and flooring. We only use quality products, and we offer a two year installation warranty on all domestic projects.

We can help you select the right products and ensure they’re fitted to the highest standard.

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