25 May 2022

Creating character in your home through flooring

Your home is your castle. Whether it’s a traditional stone building from days gone by or a newly constructed build, you want to appreciate what’s around you, feeling comfy and content in a space that’s uniquely yours.

While new builds are typically more affordable than their ancestors, people often feel they lack character. They rarely have the high ceilings, classic interiors and period features found in older properties.

Luckily, there is so much you can do to give a space character (even in a new build), and one of the best places to start is your floor.

Beige or grey carpets throughout might look clean and contemporary, but they aren’t exactly exciting. So if you’re looking for something with a little more charm, here are some options.

Nothing says character like natural flooring

There’s a reason why wood and stone floors have remained popular for centuries: they look great and are extremely durable. So if you fancy bringing a bit of outside inside, a natural floor could be the way to go.

Wood flooring is known to add warmth to a room, so if this is your ultimate end-game, go for a natural hardwood or engineered timber floor. It is also a versatile option that blends well with any interior design and works in almost any space, including your bedrooms.

Stone flooring brings something entirely different to your home. While it certainly isn’t lacking in character, you’ll have a different outcome to the warmth that wood delivers, creating a rustic charm in any kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

Hint: Shades, sizing, and layout matter, so take samples and see how they work in your space to help you choose which will look best once laid.

How about LVT flooring?

Genuine hardwood timber and stone might be incredible on the eye, but they’re not quite so kind on the pocket. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the real deal, LVT is a great alternative.

LVT works perfectly in providing the finish you’re after, and it’s cheaper than natural materials. It is also quicker and easier to fit than real stone tiles or hardwood timber planks.

Create a jaw-dropping floor with porcelain or ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both manufactured from natural raw materials, using processes learned centuries ago.

The beauty of each lies in the design, and you’ll find thousands of options on the market.

With vibrant colour palettes and all manner of shapes beyond the regular rectangles and squares, ceramic floor tiles can easily turn a dull room into something dazzling, a room you’ll be proud to show off to your guests. There are plenty of softer, natural shades available too – a tile for every taste.

Say ‘special’ from the very first step

Think folks won’t notice the flooring in your entrance hall? Then think again. The minute your guests step inside, they notice your flooring. So, if you want that first impression to set the scene, then your hallway flooring is key.

Parquet flooring can make a real statement and will certainly add character to your entranceway. Traditional Herringbone is perfect for large hallways, but there are some amazing contemporary designs too.

Add space and character through flooring colour

To open up a small room, choose a light-coloured material such as beech-effect for wood or a creamy beige for stone. And if you’re worried about dirty footprints damaging the room’s character, you can always add a rug or runner to high traffic areas.

If your budget points you towards LVT, make sure it’s a natural shade that’s akin to the real thing – creams, beiges or browns. Where you’re keen on greys to match furnishings, go for a blend rather than a full colour, for example, a light brown streaked with grey.

Lighter shades will also give you that classic country or farmhouse vibe, and dark colours provide more of a serious yet stylish tone.

And if you’ve chosen to lay porcelain or ceramic tiles, anything goes. While chessboard-style black and white tiling always look impressive, a lashing of colour in a kitchen or bathroom also never fails to impress.


Need a little inspiration?

There are hundreds of flooring manufacturers, suppliers and installers, so it can be hard to know where to turn.

At Beyond Flooring, our mission is to enhance your home with expertly fitted flooring. We only use quality products, and we offer a two year warranty on all domestic projects.

If you need a little inspiration, check out our customer gallery, or visit our showroom. Our friendly team are always happy to help you select the perfect flooring for your home.

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