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Carpets are still one of the most popular flooring choices throughout the UK and its not surprising. With so many choices on offer, they are extremely versatile and can completely transform the appearance of a room. At Beyond Flooring Direct, we have carefully selected a wide range of top-quality carpets that can be delivered directly to your door. With colours, styles and designs to suit any room, décor and lifestyle, your perfect carpet is just a few clicks away. And if you need help with the installation, our find a fitter service helps you find a local expert who will ensure your new flooring looks its best.

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Choosing your carpet

There are so many things to consider when choosing a carpet that it can feel a little overwhelming. Fortunately, we’re experts in flooring and can help you narrow it down to the most suitable options.

The first thing to consider is the location of the carpet. For a high traffic area, such as a hallway, you probably want something durable and easy to clean. Whereas, in your bedroom, you might prefer something a little softer and more luxurious.

Next, you’ll want to narrow down colours and patterns – do you want simple and elegant or bold and daring? Whatever your personal preferences and tastes, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit in our fantastic carpet range.

Benefits of carpet

Carpet is much softer and warmer underfoot than other types of flooring, so it’s ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. Plus, it has acoustic properties, so it’s ideal when you want to minimise unwanted sounds.

  • Styles to suit any budget
  • Adds warmth to a room
  • Acoustic properties
  • Wide choice of colours and patterns
  • Easy-clean versions available
  • Requires little floor preparation before installation
  • Easy to install and remove

How is carpet made?

Carpet can be made using many types of material – natural, manmade or a mixture. Some of the most common fibres used include wool, polyester, acrylic and nylon. The yarn is looped through the backing material and then either left as loops or cut at different angles and lengths. The size and cut of the loops determine the durability, texture and comfort of the carpet.

Wool carpets can moderate humidity and offer natural warmth, but can be a little more expensive than synthetic carpets. Manmade carpets can be much easier to clean, and some even have stain resistant properties – ideal where there’s a risk of spills. You can also get some wonderful blends that combine both natural fibres and synthetics.

Why choose Beyond Flooring Direct?

Carpet is versatile, stylish and practical, so it’s easy to see why it’s the preferred flooring choice in millions of homes across the UK. And with so many fantastic options on offer, there’s something to suit every taste, lifestyle and budget.

At Beyond Flooring Direct, we understand the importance of getting the right flooring for your home – it’s a big investment. That’s why we focus on quality – quality products, and quality service. We hand-pick the carpets in our collections to ensure every customer gets a carpet that lasts. And with our measuring guide, find a fitter service and choice of delivery and payment options, it really is easy to get your perfect flooring solution with Beyond Flooring Direct.

  • Quality products
  • Home delivery or click & collect
  • Trusted installers available
  • Choice of payment methods
  • Great service
  • UK based company

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