15 January 2022

Talking togs when choosing a carpet

When it comes to choosing a carpet, it’s not enough these days to think about the colour, pattern and pile alone. The savvy consumer also needs to consider the warmth and insulation a carpet brings to a room, and this is where the tog rating comes in.

The textile industry uses precise science to calculate a product’s thermal insulation and gives the product a Thermal Overall Grade (TOG).

You might already be familiar with tog ratings when it comes to your bedding – switching from a lower tog duvet during the summer to a higher tog duvet during the winter. Just like duvets, carpets use togs to indicate their thermal properties and warmth.

The tog comes down to the density of the textile used in making a carpet. A carpet produced using a heavy fibre (such as wool) and packed densely will create a higher tog to one that’s lighter and less dense, such as a flat-weave.

In the world of carpets, you’ll tend to find the tog rating ranges between 0.70 to 3.00. And a higher tog rating means more warmth is produced or retained.

Understanding togs is useful when you want carpet for an area where warmth is a priority (for example, a bedroom).

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What tog should you choose if you have underfloor heating?

So, as we’ve just looked at, togs are about keeping a room insulated to provide warmth. And if your home or commercial space is large or draughty, then a high carpet tog is advisable.

However, if you have underfloor heating, it might mean your room has sufficient heat already – in which case, a lower tog carpet would be the better option, right? Not exactly. Underfloor heating doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a higher tog carpet.

But if you do go high tog, it could initially slow down the rate at which heat from the system comes into the room. So, rather than increasing the warmth in the room quickly, you’ll find the underfloor heating having to work harder to do its job. However, once the carpet has heated up from the warmth below, it will retain its temperature for a longer period.

If you have underfloor heating, a general rule is not to exceed a carpet tog of 2.5. But if you are unsure, ask the manufacturer about the system’s tolerance and the optimum tog carpet rating for your space.

Does a higher rate in carpet tog mean there is no need for underlay?

Not at all. In fact, applying an underlay before laying your carpet is not only done for heat management but to protect the carpet from excessive wear and tear.
Having a soft cushion underneath the carpet helps provide resistance against the weight. It’s a lot like shoes, where an insole is not only for comfort but to protect the material underneath it from becoming damaged too quickly.

That said, it’s important to think wisely about which underlay to use – because underlay also has a tog rating.

So, if you’re fixing a carpet in a room without underfloor heating and where insulation matters most, it’s ideal to choose an underlay with a higher tog value as it will retain more heat.

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When should you opt for a low carpet tog?

You might be tempted to stick with a high tog, especially if insulation and warmth are a priority. But there are circumstances where a low tog carpet is a good choice.

As we’ve mentioned above, high tog carpets slow down underfloor heating when it first comes on. If you want to warm your room quickly, a lower tog is the way to go.

Or maybe the carpet style will drive your decision; for example, if you’ve got your eye on a flat-weave, it’ll likely have a low tog.

Many eco-friendly carpets also come with a lower tog – so if you are eco-conscious, this might impact your decision.

But don’t worry, low tog carpets still create some warmth – any carpet will feel warmer on bare feet than a cold tile floor. And you can always increase the tog of the underlay if you do opt for a lower tog carpet.

Need a little inspiration?

At Beyond Flooring, our mission is to enhance your environment with expertly fitted flooring. We only use quality products, and we offer a two year warranty on all domestic projects.

Our carpet range includes carpets of all togs, colours and styles. We can help you choose the right carpet for any room and provide advice on how to get the best combination of underlay and carpet, whether you have underfloor heating or not.

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