19 April 2024

Herringbone or Plank?


Timeless, versatille and classic, herringbone flooring has been incredibly popular in furniture, textiles and flooring. It may be fading in popularity but it will always be a great choice, for creating character and warmth in your home. After all, herringbone flooring has been around for hundreds of years! Or is it best to opt for a straight plank design? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to choosing herringbone or plank.



  1. Creates individuality, character and texture.
  2. Disguises everyday dirt and debris because it is a busy pattern.
  3. Versatile, what ever your design preference. Scandi minimalist or rustic country.
  4. Different size planks, colours and designs, to suit rooms large and small.


  1. If you change your mind a lot, you may get bored of it!
  2. More expensive to buy and install.
  3. Changing your room décor could be less easy.



  1. Provides a neutral back ground, making it easier to change the colour scheme and design over time.
  2. Cheaper to buy and install.
  3. More colour and design choice.


  1. Less interesting and dynamic.
  2. Can show more dirt and debris, because the overall design is less busy and textured.
  3. Can accentuate uneven walls.

If you are stull struggling to decide which design style to choose, opting for a budget priced product, will allow for a change of heart or change of décor. Cheaper herringbone and plank options include cushioned vinyl or a laminate.

Whichever design you choose, there are plenty of options available, in all shapes and sizes!

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