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Expert advice: adding the wow factor to your environment

Your business environment is a crucial element to the success of your business. Not only does the visual appeal of your space have a major impact on the wellbeing of your employees, for certain businesses it can play a critical role in presenting your brand image to customers.

Beyond Flooring’s expertise in helping guide commercial clients to the right flooring solution for them has enabled us to service a range of business sectors, where first impressions, and the impact of the physical surroundings play a crucial role.

Although we work across a myriad of business types, we have found the quality, practicality and visual impact of the flooring to be most critical in the following sectors:

Your flooring project begins with an on-site consultation. One of our team will fully understand the application, footfall and brand image you are looking to convey, before guiding you through the various options available.

Whatever your style or tastes, our expert advisors can help you find the perfect flooring design. We have vast amounts of product knowledge and have worked with many brands, so we know exactly what colours, patterns and attributes will work best with your interior styling.

Once we have guided you through the most suitable options, we’ll conduct a full site survey where we’ll take accurate measurements and then produce a tailored proposal based on your requirements and our recommendations.

Quality products from trusted suppliers

There are so many flooring products available on the market, and unfortunately, some of these are substandard. If you aren’t an expert in flooring, it can be tough to differentiate between the products that are great value and those that are just too good to be true.

That’s why we take our time to hand-pick top quality products for our collections. We only use trusted, reputable manufacturers that work to the highest standard. Some are well-known leading brands, others are smaller independent businesses, but all of them produce excellent flooring solutions.

When considering commercial applications it is crucial to consider the longevity of the flooring. As a business you can’t afford to be causing disruption on a regular basis, which is potentially what can happen when installing a substandard quality floor. Although you may pay a little more upon installation for the right product, it will be far more cost effective for your business in the long run.

Professional planning & fitting to minimise disruption

At Beyond Flooring, we invest heavily in training our flooring specialists and have a highly skilled in-house team. Our team includes fitters who are Quickstep Master Installers and Karndean Advanced Level Installers.

It takes time and investment to acquire this status, and it’s what sets us apart from many other flooring companies. We’ve also invested heavily in the latest equipment, machinery and training to ensure your business is in good hands.

We understand the importance of minimising potential downtime for your business which is why all of our commercial jobs are meticulously planned and are installed professionally and efficiently to the highest standards (with you always kept in the loop). It is for this reason we always carry out our own installations and will never subcontract out to fitters who are not trained in the “Beyond Flooring Way”.

Always fit for purpose

Although flooring can often be one of the last things considered when planning a workspace, it is actually one of the most critical to get right. In commercial applications it is essential to understand the footfall it is likely to experience and what practicalities need to be considered (such as wear and tear, furniture, cleaning, sterilisation of an area etc).

Customer satisfaction is important to us, so our flooring is always installed with care, and finished to exacting standards, and most importantly the finished solution is always fit for purpose.

We pay attention to the details, including sanding and filing down unsightly edges, ensuring beading is neat, and shortening doors if required. We treat your business with the utmost care, working safely and efficiently and cleaning the area when we’re finished.

Not only will we remove all the waste, vacuum and tidy the area, but we will also provide you with care instructions to keep your flooring looking its best for longer.

Plus, we offer an old flooring removal service, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of it yourself.

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